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Your Tongue Never Lies – The Truth that the Tongue Reveals
The book explains the significance of the tongue examination and how it reflects the general state of one’s health

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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body
Through its pages, Dr. Zeines shows how examining the mouth can reveal the presence of illnesses or unstable conditions in other areas of the body. He then offers safe, proven therapies that enhance—not lessen—the body’s own healing powers.

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Living a Longer Life – How to Create a New You
Here comes an all-in-one health book that cuts through all the confusion. It offers a comprehensive yet common sense guide to feeling great, losing weight, and adding years to the readers’ lives. This book can add ten years to your life or your money back.

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2011 I-ACT International Convention: Holistic Dentistry DVD

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Root Canal

Dental Primer

Color Therapy



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